Peter Bregman graduated from West Virginia University, followed by The Portfolio Center in Atlanta, GA. Not afraid to neglect his schoolwork, he managed to maintain a daily comic strip in the WVU newspaper, illustrate several university textbooks, and keep himself busy as a storyboard artist for various ad agencies & TV commercial directors.

After graduating, Peter moved to New York City to pursue his career as an Art Director/Copywriter hybrid at Saatchi & Saatchi, working on iconic General Mills brands like Fruit Roll-Ups, Cheerios, and Trix.

His next adventure began when he joined The Geppetto Group as a Creative Director on brands such as NFL, Foot Locker, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Frito Lay, Pillsbury, LEGO, Listerine, and Topps.

His passion for pop culture led to a career transition into the animation industry, Co-Directing and Co-Writing LEGO’s first ever animated Star Wars featurette, “LEGO Star Wars: Revenge Of The Brick” (featured on Cartoon Network and on the Clone Wars Series 1 DVD). This Clio Award-winning project’s success led to a follow-up LEGO Batman animated featurette series (which Peter wrote, directed, and produced). It was during this time that Peter wrote, illustrated, and published his critically-acclaimed graphic novel, “The Trap-Door Maker: A Prequel To The Phantom Of The Opera.”

Opportunity soon knocked again when Peter took on the role of Creative Director at Uproar, leading the creative charge on Hasbro’s newly-acquired Marvel Entertainment license. During the next 10 years at Uproar, he was promoted to Group Creative Director, overseeing the successful 360-degree Marketing content for premiere Hasbro brands such as Star Wars, Marvel Entertainment, NERF, Transformers, Play-Doh, and Hasbro Gaming. In addition to his Hasbro duties, Peter oversaw the creative initiatives for Uproar’s Topps/Bazooka Candy Brands.

Peter is currently a freelance Creative Director at Flint & Steel, reuniting with his Topps/Bazooka Candy Brands clients. He is also the Creative Director (and illustrator) for TYKES, a social media-born design & lifestyle brand, organically embraced by pro & collegiate athletes, fans, and celebrities around the world, including Stephen Curry, Kris Bryant, and DJ Khaled. TYKES designs can currently be seen on best-selling Under Armour apparel, NBA Lab skateboard decks, and Red Bull Snapchat filters.

Still living in New York City, Peter’s passion for Marketing, Production, and Content-Creation only continues to grow, and he looks forward to contributing to the industry’s evolution.